Sponsor Reminders

The success of the Latino Summit is based on the participation of the students attending.  In order to ensure that ALL students have the best experience possible school staff and chaperones are asked to adhere to the following expectations:

  1. Schools should send adequate chaperones to ensure that all students from their school are monitored throughout the event.  In general we suggest a 1:15 ratio.
  2. Sponsors should sit with students from their school during breakfast, lunch, and general sessions in order to ensure that students are paying attention to speakers, demonstrating appropriate dining etiquette, and not being disruptive to others. If there are not enough seats at a single table for your entire group, sit as close to the students as possible and monitor them regularly.
  3. Ensure students do not leave the building or the conference site without sponsor supervision.
  4. Help direct students into break-out sessions.  Students should not be milling around the hallways during sessions. 
  5. Monitor your students during snack breaks.  The amount of food is determined by the total number registered.  Please help your students to understand that if they take extras some students may not get any snacks.
  6. Remind students to clean up after themselves or politely let the wait staff know if they spill food or drinks.
  7. Remind students to turn off or put cell phones on vibrate.  Students should be paying attention to speakers during sessions, not talking or texting.  Students can use their phones during breaks.
  8. Ensure that students are dressed appropriately.  Students do not have to be dressed up, but they should wear business casual or school appropriate clothing.  No sagging jeans, skin-tight clothes, shorty skirts, or t-shirts with inappropriate language or advertising. Please keep cleavage covered. 
  9. Sponsors must be present and with students ALL day.
  10. If your group must leave prior to the end of the day, please schedule your departure so that it coordinates with a break.

Please share these expectations with your students before attending the Latino Summit and remind them again before the event of the appropriate behavioral expectations. We want EVERYONE to have an enjoyable day.  With attentiveness to the speakers and student participation this is sure to happen.